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Day 1:
As soon as you step out the international exit you will be met by one of our representatives, who will answer all questions you might have.  You will be provided with pouch containing vouchers and information about your trip. From the airport you will be privately transported to a San José hotel for your first night in the country. Overnight in San José . Meals not included.

Day 2:
A river representative will pick you up to start the one day Pacuare River Class IV rafting trip.  Once at the river at the put-in, you'll raft 16 miles deep in the heart of densely vegetated gorges, past gushing waterfalls, serene pools and pounding rapids, in one of Costa Rica's most impressive primary rainforests. On the river you will raft by the River Lodge, where guests stay on two and three-day trips. Intimate and charming, the lodge blends naturally into the forest, with waterfalls and pools. Overnight near the Pacuare River. Breakfast, lunch & dinner included.

Day 3
Enjoy a delicious breakfast at the lodge and get ready for your second day of rafting. You’ll enjoy the stunning scenary before reaching the put out to change clothes and continue to your next destination; the town of La Fortuna area, where the Arenal -one of our five active volcanoes- is located. Enjoy the ride in a comfortably private van. Overnight in Arenal. Breakfast & Lunch Included.

Arenal Area

La Fortuna has an elevation of 350 feet above sea level and is best known as the base from which to explore the magnificent Arenal Volcano and national park nearby. The active volcano has made it a famous place in Costa Rica and La Fortuna travel has become a highlight of many a vacation. Throughout the years the growth of this Arenal town, La Fortuna, has become a destination for family vacations. La Fortuna hotels, lake, canopy tours, hot springs, natural reserves and much more awaits you for a lot of enjoyment. La Fortuna is just a 3 ½ hour ride from San Jose on a pleasantly paved road. You can also drive to the Arenal area from Monteverde and other Guanacaste areas. Both roads offer a rough ride but are still splendid with the landscape of vast pasturelands.

Day 4:
Following breakfast, you will be picked up at your hotel to take part in one of Arenal greatest attractions: the Sky Tram & Sky Trek.  Around 5:00pm, you’ll be transferred to Arenal famous hot springs:  Ecotermales Fortuna. Enjoy these relaxing spot. Overnight in Arenal. Meals; breakfast.

Sky Tram & Sky Trek tour

This new attraction is located southeast of the volcano. The new Sky Tram is completely silent, allowing for possible nature sightings.  Guides give a short talk about the local ecosystem and answer any questions you may have.  If any animals are spotted, guides are able to stop the tram for as long as you like, allowing you to observe, take photographs and learn about the animals. You can enjoy views of the forest, the lake and the Arenal volcano. The descent from the platform can be done by the Sky Trek (zip line).

Sky Trek is a secure system of trails and zip lines, that offers visitors the opportunity to observe and appreciate the nature from different vantage points. It is similar to other canopy tours in Costa Rica, but incorporates some significant differences, such as being of larger scale, metal platforms covered with mesh-covered and steel rails which prevent falling or sliding.

Ecotermales Hotsprings

The Ecotermales Hot Springs is an exclusive retreat for those looking for a relaxing respite in natural springs heated by Arenal Volcano. Family owned and operated, the springs are surrounded by tropical foliage and set near an authentic ranch house complete with Costa Rican curiosities, such as a coffee grinder (pilón) and farming equipment. The four pools are landscaped with large, smooth river rock taken from the area and are large enough to offer plenty of room to spread out and find a private corner to relax among peaceful environs. The hot springs are not open to the public.

Day 5:
After breakfast, get ready for your boat transfer to Monteverde across Arenal Lake. This is a refreshing and picturesque way to get to Monteverde. Enjoy your afternoon in getting familiar with this lush place.  Overnight in Monteverde. Meals; breakfast.

Lake Crossing from Arenal to Monteverde

Enjoy a different transfer from La Fortuna to Monteverde. This transfer begins with pick up from your hotel and transferred to the dam of Lake Arenal where you will meet your motor boat and whisked away across the beautiful waters of Lake Arenal. You will enjoy breathtaking views of the Arenal Volcano and the Costa Rica country side. On the other side of the lake you will meet your driver and continue on the back roads to Santa Elena passing by farms and small villages while crossing the mountains to Monteverde. You will then arrive at your hotel in the Monteverde Area.


Monteverde is a community in the cloud forest world-renowned for its conservation efforts and lifestyle centered on respect for nature. Monteverde translates as "green mountain," and that's exactly what you'll find at the end of the steep and windy rutted dirt road that leads here. . Perched on a high mountain ridge, this tiny, scattered village and surrounding cloud forest are well known among both scientific researchers and ecotravelers.
Santa Elena is the area’s main service center with various shops and tourism companies; other important towns are San Luis and San Gerardo. Though its main attraction is the Monteverde Biological Preserve, the region also features a variety of natural places, picturesque paths, flora- and fauna-watching opportunities, natural landscapes and more. 

Day 6:
Following an early breakfast, enjoy a transfer to Monteverde Biological Station where you’ll be able to see the impressive cloud forest.   Choose walking or been transferred by the van on the way back to the hotel. Overnight in Monteverde. Breakfast Included.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve.

Discover the gorgeous natural wonders of this privately owned reserve. World famous, the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve offers a great diversity of flora and fauna, including the Resplendent Quetzal, one of the most beautiful birds on our continent. Managed by the Tropical Science Center, the Monteverde Reserve is well known for it is diverse vegetation, which supports six different life zones. The Reserve is comprised of more than 90% virgin forest. It contains an extremely high biological diversity, including over 2,500 plant species (among them 420 different kinds of orchids), 100 species of mammals, 400 bird species, 120 reptilian and amphibian species, and thousands of insects. Resplendent quetzals, three wattle bellbirds and bare necked umbrella birds are just a few of the birds found here. This 25,945-acre reserve boasts nine well-marked trails extending on for a total of about 8 miles. This reserve is a must-see for anyone visiting the area.

Day 7:
Today get ready for your next destination: Manuel Antonio Beach on the Central Pacific side. You’ll be picked up at your hotel approx 9:00 am. You’ll be traveling with one of Costa Rica’s most trustworthy shuttle bus service. Overnight in Monteverde. Meals breakfast.

Manuel Antonio

With one of the most stunning, picture-postcard backdrops in the country, this is one of the lushes places in Costa Rica, with spectacular white-grey sand beaches fringed by thickly forested green hills. There is a huge variety of things to do- walking the Park's easy trails, whitewater rafting, ocean cruising, horseback riding, fishing, sea kayaking, to name but a few.

Manuel Antonio is one of Costa Rica's best known and most often visited park, despite the fact that it’s also the smallest. The park is an island of verdant wildness in a rapidly developing area with a relatively intact wet tropical forest and abundant wildlife.


Day 8:
Today, get ready to enjoy Manuel Antonio National park at its best. This guided walk will put you in contact with beautiful flora and fauna in the Pacific. Overnight in Monteverde. Meals breakfast.

Manuel Antonio National Park

Even though Manuel Antonio is the smallest park, it is still perhaps the most scenic of Costa Rica's National Parks. Pristine sandy beaches separate the luxuriant ground of the tropical rainforest, from the endless expanse of the Pacific Ocean. A sight that is unique and inspiring.  This fantastic tour consists of a peaceful walk through the main nature trails of the Manuel Antonio National Park.  The trained guide that accompanies you along the tour will guide you to the best spots, were you might find colorful toucans, lazy sloth and curious monkeys. See many different species of tropical flora or fauna from the rainforest, your guide will provide a good explanation of the interesting aspects of the rainforests' natural history. This picturesque, 2-hour walk will put you in touch with Mother Nature. You may remain in the park as long as you wish after the tour is over. Stay and take more pictures or just admire the scenery.


Day 9:
Today the representative from the shuttle bus company will pick you up around noon to bring you back to San José for your last night in the country. Overnight in San José. Meals breakfast.

Day 10:
At a convenient time, you will be privately driven to the International Airport to take your flight back home. Meals; breakfast.


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