Excitement Costa Rica

About Us

We are two brothers – Jorge and Randall Solano – and we’re passionate about sharing our beautiful paradise of Costa Rica!

We’ve worked in adventure tourism in Costa Rica for over 30 years. And whether we’re taking folks like you rafting, mountain biking, horseback riding, visiting volcanoes, or any number of other adventures, we’re always committed to our core values of safety, honesty, excellent service, and respect for people and the environment. Our long list of satisfied clients will tell you the same.

We look forward to you joining us in rafting the Pacuare River and other incredible adventures in Costa Rica.

Jorge Solano

I was born and raised in Turrialba, where rafting first began and developed in Costa Rica. My playground was the surrounding mountains and rivers, and I grew up to the rhythm of nature.

In 1992, I started working as a shuttle driver for one of the first rafting companies in Costa Rica and would fill in as an extra paddler on rafting trips. I loved it and soon became a river guide. Then, I moved up to senior guide and operations manager and even cooked on trips.

In 2006, I went to California to work with the longtime rafting company White Water Excitement Inc. and began a life-changing friendship with the owners, Norm and Phillip Schoenhoff.

They inspired me on a new journey of adventure with my own company, Excitement Costa Rica. Since 2008, we’ve been sharing the rivers, forests, and mountains of our tropical paradise with people worldwide.

Randall Solano

Since I was a kid, I have loved adventure. With my brothers, cousins, and friends, we would ride the rapids of the Pacuare River on tractor tires, splashing and playing for hours.

In 1989, I guided my first commercial rafting trip down the Pejibaye River. Then, in 1991, whitewater legend Rafael “Rafa” Gallo asked me to join the Costa Rican rafting team to compete in the Project Raft world championship in Costa Rica. Immediately afterward, I began working with Rafa in his rafting and adventure company, Rios Tropicales – one of the best adventure tour companies in Costa Rica. Over the years, I grew as a guide, leading group trips rafting, kayaking, sea kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding. I traveled all over Costa Rica and later became the operations manager, learning in-depth about the industry.

After Rios Tropicales closed in February 2021, I joined my brother, Jorge, in Excitement Costa Rica to continue delivering the highest standards in rafting and adventure trips in Costa Rica. We welcome you to join us!